Bordeaux le confluent

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux to my surprise had a lovely charm of L’ancien et le nouveau (the old and the new). Seemingly the stark architectural and cultural divergences blended in a harmony that appeared to be an accepted norm amongst it’s inhabitants and the tourists alike.

I came upon this town at night, at first not so serendipitous as the not always reliable device navigation guiding me was not up it. It wasn’t in my plans to arrive at night in a city with a vigorous road over road traffic surge pushing all and sundry along in it’s way. After defying my virtual guide’s directions for the fourth time, I decided to punt a guess at taking a so called wrong turn and forcing it to reroute. To my pleasure I eventually found my way to a chalet room I’d booked earlier.Frame-19-06-2016-10-11-54

All around the city of Bordeaux’s outer region are farms and vineyards with an imagined vision and feeling of the perfect flow of life, food and balance.


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